Hitaishi-KK India's premier craft group, and also the first craft company in the country equipped with management and quality control system as per ISO 9002 standards.

Hitaishi-KK is India's most successful fine wood, cattle horn and bone based product manufacturing company with its entire production output exported to Germany, USA, UK, Japan, France, Italy, Switzerland, Korea and other parts of the world. We are also now the largest producers of string instrument components worldwide controlling the major market share and having a very strong distribution network all over the world.

Since 1974 the main manufacturing units of the company are located in and around Kolkata where more than 1200 craft persons are working. Hitaishi-KK has world wide recognition for its fine wood and horn/bone craft techniques. We are a technology driven company with advance and latest manufacturing and tooling facility, and it is constantly upgraded in order to maximize our strength. We regularly train and retrain young people who share our vision and strive for perfection. The management is young and professional at all levels and has good team spirit, team work and team performance.

The company exhibits its products in major international trade fairs in Frankfurt, Hong Kong and India every year. We have an in-house design and product development team which constantly innovates products for every upcoming exhibition. We work with some of the finest companies in the world and a number of international design groups also work in close co-operation with us because we offer complete design production and exclusive designs to our customers.

Since 1987, Hitaishi-KK has been regularly receiving export awards for excellence from CAPEXIL, Kolkata & Export Promotion Council for Handicraft (EPCH).

We work on maintaining our leadership by enhancing our investing in technology levels, by associating and expanding in natural and forest resource product and consistently investing in the business, production equipments, raw material, in human resource development and in plantation.

We have a dedicated ultramodern design department, replete with the most modern computers and software�s to further strengthen our existing design process.

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