Exclusive Indian Handicraft including Horn and MOP


Horn and Mother of Pearl Division

Horn and MOP

Horn as we know is a natural but precious, bio-degradable, non toxic, eco-friendly medium. For ages there has been a tradition of producing fine quality horn combs, cutlery, jewelry & buttons in and around Calcutta. With the advent of plastic, the horn industry had been hit hard.

At Hitaishi-KK we have revived this traditional skill of horn craft by retaining young craft persons with the help of experienced master craftsmen and also with the introduction of new technological skills from the craft centers in Europe.

Animals are not killed to obtain this basic raw material. It is collected from various abattoirs or from the already dead animals. These wastes are conditioned and recycled through various painstaking processes to produce the finest horn raw material.

India is rich with an ample supply of good quality beautiful marbled Ox and Buffalo horns (of Water Buffalo species). These are available throughout the year which is why we can produce various art facts, utilities of consistent quality and quantity.

However, October to April are the best months to produce the quality products in bulk. We select the horns carefully and condition them in-house. Apart from our standard range of utility products, we also produce exclusive designs for our customers. We try to ensure precise measurements, shapes, forms & consistent quality standards.

With Horn we can integrate other fine materials like Brass, Stainless Steel, Wood, Rubber, Silver etc. to enhance the beauty of the products. We invite you to come up with any product requirement which involves horn, where we are at home. We will help you with more than one innovation.


Jewellery & Fashion Accessories

This division is an off shoot of the horn/bone division. It was founded based on our passion and flair for design, as well as the love for beauty and nature.

We use an unique array of materials like horn, bone, wood, shell, resin and metal for developing our unique and exclusive collection of Jewellery. Our collection includes necklaces, bangles, bracelets, hairclips, hair pins, ear rings, finger rings and broaches. we can also develop beads of various sizes and shapes and other components as per requirement. All our Jewellery is handcrafted from natural materials by our in-house skilled artisans.

Our focus is to create a clean, simple looking yet striking range of jewellery for the bold and confident women of today. Jewellery, which reflects freshness and purity and which stands out as a bold fashion statement. Each and every piece of our collection is unique and varies in colour and texture because of the nature of the material. We always strive to derive the best possible quality of product through various stages of quality check in every stages of production.

Mother of Pearl Items (MOP)

MOP is one of the rare collectibles of mother nature from her endless trousseau of marine products.

Generally, MOP shells are the protective covering of spot bodied animals called molluscs.

When the animals which live inside die, the shells are left free to drift away from one part of the sea to another - which later is collected by fishermen. The shells generally get entangled in their fishing nets and are later disposed off in the local markets.

Because of its uniqueness and rarity, men started adoring this precious gift of nature, the craftsmen often tried to fashion some accessories/artifacts from this rare object.

With its pearl like sheen and value addition, the MOP items soon became a popular premium range product in various categories - like jewelry, men's accessories, cutlery and various other novelties.

Biologically, the shell is made up of 3 layers, great pains are taken to polish the iridescent calcium layer of the shell, to expose its true pearl like appearance which refracts the seven constituent colours of the sunlight.


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