Gift Boxes

A variety of gift boxes ideal for gifting. Our boxes use proprietary materials to make them odor-less and suitable for food grade usage as well. Available in a variety of woods and finishes.

Wall Decor

Picture frames, customized shelves, wall clocks and more made of natural sustainable woods like Indian Rubberwood and European Beechwood

Home Decor

Small furniture, coffee table implements and living room accessories to complement your interiors. A variety of finishes, natural as well as in vibrant colors to go with any kind of decor.

Desk Accessories

Our naturally accented wooden desk accessories are ideal for adding a unique aesthetic to your work desk. Functional and at the same time aesthetically brillant designs are our USP. 

Dining Accessories

Clean and simple implements for your dining table. From flower vases to napkin wrings we make a variety of products to bring that natural and rustic look to your dining setup.

Bath Accessories

Bathroom decor will never be the same without our exquiste bath accesories collection made from materials like bone, cattle horn and wood. 

Kitchen Accessories

Wooden salad servers and spatulas, Bowls made from from natural wood and cattle horn, Caviar and honey spoons, we make all of these in rustic and antique finishes that are food safe and ideal for accenting your kitchen.

Board Games

We manufacture more than 36 varieties of board games in natural and high gloss finishes. Ideal for home and personal use and a perfect addition to your favorite club gaming rooms.


Our wooden and musical toys for kids are safe and compliant with almost all international toy safety standards. With special focus on musical education safety you can rest assured that we can be the best supply chain partners when it comes to toys.

Musical Instruments

One of our oldest verticals. African drums, latin music instruments and all kinds of percussion instruments. Finest woodworking and precision manufacturing makes us one of the best manufacturers of wooden percussion instruments.

Fashion Jewelry

Unique artisan grade fashion jewelry made from materials like cattle horn, bone, resin and exotic woods.

Instrument Accessories

One of the words largest manufacturers of stringed intrument parts and accesories. Precison manufactured instrument and tools for the violin family from exotic woods like European Boxwood and Cameroonian Ebony.